Miklós Terei

Filmmaker, production manager

Was always enthusiast for visual creativity, practiced photography for years, finally find himself the best in creating motion pictures. First trained himself with making exclusive wedding movies, sensible storytelling based on spontaneous, improvising, “one chance” situation was learned here.

Thanks to that, his films have a spontaneous style, they are alive and natural, to which the audience can also sympathize better. Striving for constant improvement, he is maximalist with himself as with his colleagues.

Beside other project themes, the “FOOD” range is his favorite as with his family they are devoted for healthy and exigent gastronomy. He feels specially honored that the owners and chefs of most significant gastronomy ventures have favored him with their trust, in many cases with their friendship.


Krisztina Terei-Vigh

Food blogger, all-in-one support

An inspiring, creative spirit, who is a also a talented photograph. Author of popular gastronomy blog “Food and Emotion”, lauching of “FOOD” projects is also due to her. An “external eye” who is advising with a special sense the filling of their films with a personal touch.

She is also the financial minister of the company.