There is a special place in Sopron. Or better magical. Preferably when you are addicted to sweets. First, you will be impressed by the building, then you wouldn’t believe where you are by seeing the laboratory-clean workshop. Finally, the tasting program will knock you out.

The workshop and the confectionery of the Harrer family is a real rarity and we made their image film with the same joy as we feel while tasting their creations.


Client: Harrer Chocolat Kft.

DOP: Terei Miklós

Super slow motion camera: Kulcsár Arthúr

Editing, coloring: Terei Miklós

Concept: ampm marketing

Advisor: Terei-Vigh Krisztina

Music: Tony Clark – Simple Joy / ©EMI Music Publishing

We have also made a kind of Xmas wish video from the mouth-watering super slow motion shots.