Bocuse d’Or is the most prestigious cooking competition in the world, sometimes chefs are not only dedicating years, but decades from their lives winning it.
In 2013, Hungary has qualified for the first time to the Final and thanks to Tamás Széll and Team Hungary, they have reached the outstanding 10th place.

We are extremely proud that with our videos and films, we can be part of this story filled with sacrifice and challenges, accomplished by these committed people.

Our first full feature documentary has born (you can read more about it and watch it here) and we hope that even more exciting challenges are waiting for us in this story.



Trailer of our documentary “Bocuse d’Or 2013 – With Gulyás, Lángos and Rubik Cube…”


A short made in rush during shooting for the supporters to tune up.


Short about the European Final in Stockholm, where Gabor Molnár has qualified for the 2015 Final in Lyon, and where the organizers declared Budapest as the next host of European Finals in 2016.