Sensitive, not only because I do it with all my heart and soul, but I consider almost my mission to affect the viewer emotionally as well as visually in a film or video produced for my clients. I believe that this is the only way to deliver a real and long lasting message.

Conscious, because we know the components, principles and professionals with which and with whose effective cooperation such sensitive filmmaking can be created, capable of affecting both the intellect and the emotions.



He has been in the business for more than 20 years. He started his career making wedding videos, and developed his ability to make conscious and sensitive films there.

Thanks to this, one of his favorite genres is storytelling, where there is the most opportunity to look behind the surface.
He is passionate about quality gastronomy, so his other love is filming food.

He was also awarded in these areas: among others, his image film about artisanal ice creams by DaCrema won first place in the most famous international food film competition (Pink Lady Food Photographer Of The Year / Food Film Shorts) and circuited the Globe, his tourist image film about the Pannonhalmi Abbey and his image film for Michelin starred restaurant Stand won 3rd place in the Hungarian Online Video Awards, competing with multinational brands.

At the same time, he considers his greatest successes when he receives feedback that the film he made has achieved its goal: for example, how many people have had the desire to personally experience the thousand-year-old values ​​of Pannonhalma or that parents who have lost their children dare to ask for help from an organization founded for this purpose.


Based on the showed and proven concept over the years, we always work with a staff or team of freelance professionals that meet the given goal, topic, and requirements in order to implement the upcoming project as successfully as possible.


Thus, there are many combinations, from the one-person "Swiss army knife" implementation to the production involving a larger team of specialists.


If you don't have a ready-made idea, we can also develop a concept tailored to your company, taking into account your marketing aspects.


with which others have valued our creations


Articles, radio and television appearances about us


"Miki and his team managed to realize one of my big dreams: to perfectly show what we are about! His work is art at the highest level! We understood each other perfectly from the first minute and our image film turned out exactly as I imagined. We are especially proud that he won the international recognition for the world's best food video with this work ."

Dávid Wilheim
confectioner, owner of DaCrema artisan ice cream shop

"I met Miki back in 2013 in Pannonhalma, on the mountain of encounters. It started as a working relationship, but it turned into a sincere, deep friendship. Miki's genius is evident in everything: the way he approaches the subject, the way he speaks and makes to speak, the way he hears and makes to get heard, the way he sees and makes to see. We worked together for a long time, Pannonhalma is a big and deep topic, it is not easy to grasp, unfold and chew, but he still managed to convey Benedictine spirituality in a film. I can only speak of him with infinite respect both personally and professionally, and I'm glad that we became friends."

László Veiland
former marketing director of the Pannonhalmi Abbey

"Filming with parents who have lost a child requires a special sensitivity and empathy. This is why we had many question marks at the beginning of the project, but the end result speaks for itself. Miki invisibly captured very intimate and shocking conversations. The image quality, the personal stories and editing with good sense created an honest, beautiful documentary which has been helping grieving families and supporting volunteers to reach our camps ever since."

Éva Fodor-Kovács
communications manager, Bátor Tábor Foundation

"Miki is a rare figure of the domestic motion picture industry who does not hear sentences like "it will be good anyway" or "you don't have to think about something big". It's never good for him "like that", and it's impossible to sign a contract with him for an "easy thing".

Sándor Venyige
theater director, Veres1színház

"Many people are engaged in making videos, but few feel the client's expectations. The vision, flexibility, speed and correctness of Miki and his team have been proven to us over the past years."

Katalin Tóth
marketing manager, Decoration & Design

"The modern vision, unique visual approach, and precise execution made E-motion Pictures a recognized service provider. Thanks to Miki's result orientatred mentality, successful cooperation is guaranteed."

Antonio Fekete
food photographer, Designfood

Hi Miki!
I'm just in awe... Both videos are so us! And the work is so professional, creative, high-quality, unique! Thank you for your hard work, your team is also great! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Bernadett N. Kiss
HR consultant, Managing Director, Hire-One Kft.

"Miki and I have been working together for more than 15 years, but every joint work is a new challenge and a new experience to this day, and the end result is always fantastic. I love that we can think together and feel like we own the whole project. Did I mention the end result is always fantastic????????"

Péter Knőbl
managing director, Cult Custom Event & Production Service

"Whatever project we have entrusted to Miki so far, we have always received what we expected: engaging films that fit exactly with the theme, the restaurant's spirit and goals, both in the visual world and in the musical atmosphere. This is probably also due to the fact that he is passionate about and understands quality gastronomy in addition to his professional skills."

Zoltán Hamvas
restaurant owner, president of the Hungarian Bocuse d'Or Academy